@Solo_Section is an Instagram account featuring music videos. We posted first video on May 6, 2016. Since then, we have shared the work of over three thousand musicians (mostly guitarists). 

We post from three main content groups:

  1. Videos we chose by hand just because we like them. These are videos we feel will increase readership and grow the page.
  2. Top Posts (see below)
  3. Paid Features

We have lots of ways to feature your content, but if you need it posted how and when you want, we have a solution.

We have a very easy process to get your video into the queue and posted. You can purchase a slot for your publication for one low price. 

  • Choose your caption, tags, etc.
  • Place your video right into the queue. No need to DM us, tag us, send smoke signals…

It’s easy to do, just head on over to This Page, give us the link and checkout safe and easy with PayPal. 

It is our opinion that we have the easiest and least expensive option to get in front of a quality audience.

Here is where the account shines:

  • We have had slow, organic growth. Real musicians follow us. Just check out the Top Posts on this site.
  • Our account gets solid results in the way of views and engagement.
  • We have pros curating interesting content to go along side your submitted videos to keep engagement high.

Here is where our process shines:

  • You never have to contact us and wait for us to respond to submit a video.
  • All we need is a link to the video you want to share.
  • You don’t have to create an account with us, just go right to PayPal.
  • We offer regular coupons
  • Once you submit a video, it is in the queue and the spot is saved. 
  • If one of us is awake, we will repost it.

When you tag #solosection in your Instagram Videos, we save your video. Every couple minutes we check on it to see if people like it. We look at the popularity and age of your video to calculate Rank. Rank is calculated by an algorithm, which is unique to Solo Section and is based on Views, Likes and Upload Date. It is similar to how Reddit ranks if you want to google it. 

We feature videos from this ranked list. Several times a day, we look to see which posts are on top. We repost the highest video whose user hasn’t been featured in the past week.

We limit participants to the original artists and try to exclude reposts by reposter accounts. Questions?  Contact Us